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We engage leaders in dynamic conversations that have the power to inspire and transform.

Dynamic Conversations is constantly exploring new ways to offer high-level training to business leaders.

Our services to date have included training, coaching, group coaching programs both face-to-face and on-line; on-line Training videos, and Corporate Theatre. We will continue to explore and challenge ourselves to create the most engaging and profound learning experience possible.  We believe it is time for all the would-be leaders of the world to come out from the shadows, stand up and be heard. It is time for us to evolve. It is time for us to actively participate in the creation of the world we want to live in.

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Carol Hautot - Creative Director

Carol Hautot – Managing Director

Carol Hautot has studied workplace training, accelerated learning techniques, leadership and management.  She has a Masters Degree in Professional Education and Training from Deakin University. As a workplace Trainer working across Australia, Carol developed skills to intuitively follow the energy of a group. She naturally changes the dynamics of a training session to maintain a high level of engagement and participation.

In 2000 she moved to Christmas Island where she and a few friends started up an amateur theatre group. After seeing her plays performed to an appreciative audience Carol was reminded of the power of theatre. All those years ago she had the idea of merging theatre with business education.  She imagined a way of engaging an audience in a transformational conversation that lifts everyone to a new way of being.

After 6 years working as a Workplace Trainer and Business Coach in Cairns, the time had come to tie in her skills, experience and passion, and begin developing the realm of Corporate Theatre and completely unique and compelling training videos.

actors having fun

Actors having fun