Artists's Brushes

Why Business Needs the Arts

When we think of children we think of; playful, exploring, inquisitive, taking risks, wild imagination. And in business we need these traits if we are to flourish in a crowded marketplace. We can’t repeat exactly what others have done before and hope it will work.

When we’re young up to 95% of us will identify with being creative. However, by the time we are adults that figure drops to 5%. By the time we’ve ‘grown up’, we’ve listened to others and have realized that our art isn’t brilliant, that we’re not actually singing like an opera singer and we will never be a prima ballerina. We’ve experienced rejection and the pain of judgement, even if it was given by a well-meaning friend or relative.

We become conservative, and risk averse.  And this does not bode well for success in business.

Finding our creative inner child again can be a doorway to finding our inner entrepreneur, or inventor, or inner business magnate.

That’s why I believe we all need to embrace the Arts community and allow the experience of either being a participant or an audience member inspire and thrill us.  And whilst I love big productions, it is the small local arts groups that offer the biggest shot in the arm for our creative genie. Big arts groups show us that art has to be perfect. The very reason 95% became 5%. Local community Arts groups show us that the real bonus is not in being perfect. It’s in being creative, it’s in letting our defenses down, daring to imagine, daring to lose ourselves (and that judgemental inner voice) & letting the creative flow wash over us.

This is the reward, not the end result.  And the more we put ourselves in this creative space the easier it is to come up with new ideas and imagine exciting new forms of expression. We start operating at a different frequency, literally.

Brain wave science shows us that the lower brainwave frequency of Alpha gives us peace, clarity, inspired thought, and access to creative solutions to problems.  Enjoying our favorite Art form can put us in this state.

And isn’t that what business needs?

So admit you’ve always been ‘just a little bit creative’ and reignite that spark; whether it is drawing, writing, dancing, singing, making sculpture – or whatever is your unique artistic drive. Just do it. Do it for the fun of it. And just maybe, whilst you lose yourself in the creative flow, you will have your most original  money making idea you’ve ever had.

Footnote: Congratulations to the loud and proud arts community of Cairns who have brought the Arts Senate Inquiry to Cairns, the only regional city to have it’s voice heard in such an up-close-and-personal way.