Taking the concept of serving up high-level leadership training as entertainment, Dynamic Conversations develops unique training videos for leaders; they are funny, engaging, and come complete with helpful earning tools.

Think ‘The Office’ or ‘Faulty Towers’ mixed with insights from a business coach. These practical learning tools serve up valuable education in an entertaining format backed up with additional resources to help you apply what you learn in practice.


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Do you want to improve your capacity to deal with the complexities of leading a team? Why not purchase the very affordable video and coaching resources for own professional development?

Why not incorporate some of these resources as a training session in your staff meetings?

Why Invest in Dynamic Conversations Training Videos?

  • They are genuinely entertaining and will engage your team in a conversation that may otherwise be hard to have
  • They develop communication and interpersonal skills that will benefit your whole team.
  • They are affordable and accessible 24/7

What do you get?

  • A short on-line video you can watch again and again. It’s humorous and relates to a common communication problem in workplaces around the country.
  • A mini quiz to assess your own learning style
  • A video with a coach sharing additional insights
  • Easy to download worksheets that can assist in your deeper understanding of the topic.
  • Access to an on-line discussion to share ideas on communication in the workplace.



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