‘Why Don’t People Listen?’


Have you ever met anyone like Jack?

After years of coaching Business Owners we know this happens  A LOT.

And we can teach some key concepts that will make sure no-one on your team ever communicates like this again. It is simple, and yet so effective. Every single time I share this information with Business Owners and Managers, they say Oh, of course!’ But until I point it out, it is not so obvious.

We use our experience in training and business coaching to condense the best lessons  – in a fun and affordable way. By Purchasing the complete Training Course you get the best advice from a lifetime spent helping business leaders develop.

Why Don’t People Listen? Training Course What you will receive:

  1. The 4 min Feature Video valued at $250++
  2. An ebook written by an experienced Business Coach valued at $50
  3. A short animation video explaining the major communication problem
  4. A video explaining a secondary communication problem
  5. An assessment to find out what is your learning style
  6. 3 Lessons and 3 short quizes for you to engage with
  7. A Comprehensive Lesson Plan & Trainer notes, for you to use if you wish to use these resources to run a training session with your team.

So Much Value for Such an Incredibly Low Price. You can buy this Training Course by clicking the link below.

Our Introductory Price is just $90

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Communication training does make a tangible difference – but who has the time or money to be constantly going off to training courses? And typical e-learning is great for learning tasks, but not so great for teaching communications, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Until Now!

Quality story telling engages us in a way that nothing else can. Think of a fabulous novel you have read, or movie you have watched. The story sweeps us up and immerses us in a deep state of mental awareness. In this state we are more likely to remember what we have learnt, and apply it in the workplace.

The video shows what not to do – and is backed up with great training resources to teach you and your team how to communicate more effectively in your workplace. Regardless of the size of your team, everyone will get an Aha moment from watching this video and engaging in the accompanying resources. Anyone can engage with the training course, and anyone can use these resources to develop a team training session. You do not need to be a HR Professional.

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I have worked all around Australia as a workplace trainer and business coach for 25 years and I have a Masters Degree In Professional Education and Training. I am also involved in amateur theatre, and I know the power of professional story telling.  This is why I am confident our resources will create lasting change.

And I am surrounded by amazing skilled professionals. We think we’ve created something pretty special. A Business Coach or Consultant is expensive. And a quality 2-4min Training Video will cost from $250 – $2000.

Here you have a complete package that includes a high quality training video that is genuinely funny AND all the insights from an experienced business coach.  So much value for such an incredibly low price!

money-back-guaranteeBut just to be really clear how confident we are that you will love THIS product we are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


So Much Value for Such an Incredibly Low Price.

Our Introductory Price is just $90

We look forward to having you as a customer and getting feedback from you on how you found the course. We are here to help you so if you have any questions or anything you wish to share please email us at info@dynamicconversations.com  Check out below what other people have said about the course.

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We are busy making the second Training Course. It is on bullying in the workplace and the feature video is being filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

Carol Hautot

Managing Director, Dynamic Conversations

Have a look at what other people are saying..

Wow, I had to laugh. I’m so like Jack! Well, I used to be; not now after doing the ‘Why Don’t People Listen?’ course. I keep the ebook beside my desk to remind me on a daily basis. Thanks for a really great resource.
 Daniel Remin
Owner: DeliveryHunter

The training video is very funny – and very realistic. I really related to the situation and loved working my way through the course. It actually made me think about some silly upsets I’d had recently and how easily I could have prevented them.

Anne Hoepfner

Owner – The Bookkeeping Professionals

TAFE Trainer

I watched the videos with my team and we had a very lively conversation. We have implemented some new policies on the basis of what we learnt in this course – so thanks. Looking forward to the next one.

Julie Simon-Abbott

Owner – Calculating Women