young nerd try to lift weights.

Start the new year with a Dynamic Lift

I was enjoying a Pump class (Les Mills) at the gym last week and smiled as the instructor used the phrase ‘Dynamic Lift’. It’s when we take an exercise to the next level. In this case we were doing an overhead extension with weights, and a squat as we came down. The dynamic lift meant getting up on our toes. The exercise becomes more intense.

I love the word Dynamic (clearly, as it is in my business name). For me it has such a positive energy. Dynamic, as a process, is characterised by constant change, activity and progress. A dynamic person is full of energy and ideas; they are spirited, active, driven, bold and enterprising. Sounds like fun right?

Do you enjoy being Dynamic and achieving amazing results?

I do; but am I always dynamic? No way!

Sometimes I struggle to get even one little thing done in a day, let alone be dynamic? There have been some amazing wins (acceptance into ilab Germinate program, more filming of educational videos), and yet, sometimes I’ve been lost and floundering. I admit it. I have been struggling to take my business on-line and to build momentum in a completely new on-line world. I’ve had so many mentors share their insights and I’ve listened and learned. But my progress is slow.

So, as the year draws to an end and we herald in a New Year, I am going to acknowledge that I have done the very best I could and will continue to do the very best I can.

And just for fun, I’m going to use my much loved Pump Classes to share leadership lessons I’ve learnt from the year:

  1. Pace yourself. Out of a regular 1 hour routine we only spend short bursts doing ‘dynamic lifts’. The rest is repetitive lower level exercise. Do you have a schedule that allows for quiet time, and short bursts of accelerated energy?
  2. Technique first. Get the technique right with low weights, and then build up. For me this has meant taking my time to learn the whole ‘online’ world. It’s frustratingly slow, but it’s necessary, and will allow me to build momentum in 2016. Are you taking the time for professional development and continually refining your skills?
  3. Share the energy of the group. I love Pump because of the music and the shared commitment of the group. I always work harder in a group. This year I’ve created a small but amazing team of people who are willing be a part of Dynamic Conversations. Does your team support you in your goals?
  4. Be patient. Small incremental change in the short term results in really big change in the long term. This is not easy, but staying focused on the end goal helps. Do you have a big fat goal that motivates you to keep on keeping on?

I hope you’ve had a great year. And I hope there were enough ‘dynamic lifts’ to make you proud. And I hope you will be kind and forgiving to yourself,  if  like me you are feeling frustrated by your lack of progress. I invite you to take breath ; savour what is truly meaningful in the world.

And let’s come back, refreshed and renewed, for an exciting and Dynamic 2016.

Happy New Year


Carol Hautot