Carol Hautot

Welcome!  This course is intended as a quick way to get valuable insights into communication problems in the workplace – and how to stop them from happening. You can watch the feature video and then engage in as much or as little of the educational content as suits your needs. As long as you learn a few key points to apply at work, we’ve done our job. 

20 minutes to get an Aha moment!

The title of this course refers to a common misperception in the workplace: that when the communication process goes wrong it must be because someone didn’t listen in the first place. Whilst it is easy to think others are to blame when the communication process goes wrong, the reality is, we are responsible for making sure what we say is heard and understood by those around us.

businessman in stress covering ears with fingers This course is about you, and how you can improve your communication.

Jack with blue borderThe first lesson includes the feature video where you will meet Jack the dentist, his dental assistant, Angela, and his 2 other staff, Dan and Nicole. Whilst the video is designed to be amusing, the stress caused by poor communication is anything but funny.

The situation they find themselves in, is the foundation for everything else within the course. Once you have watched the video in Lesson 1 you will be able to critically reflect on the communication skills and engage in the rest of the course content. There are 3 short lessons each with a quizz at the end. If you’d like more detail there is an e-book to download. I sincerely hope you enjoy the course and get new insights into how you can improve communications in your workplace.
Carol Hautot