Our Values


We believe that humans have a right, and a need to continually learn, grow and evolve. Our eternal search for truth and new answers to old questions is what keeps us moving forward. Whilst the delivery style has changed, education is just as important as it was 100’s of years ago. Whilst we have access to more  information than ever before, the need to distill that information and offer genuine insights is critical.

We offer valid business and leadership education that meets the following criteria:
  1. The information is clear and non-academic in it’s approach.
  2. The learning models have been rigorously tested and have a universal truth that is evident to all.
  3. The educational content easily transfers into the workplace and can be tested and measured.


We like to have fun.

We understand that people learn best when they are emotionally engaged, and we’d rather see you laughing than crying (maybe you’ll be doing a bit of both but we aim for you to come out laughing). We also understand people learn differently, and the best learning experiences engage the participant on many levels. We will always develop our products with the entertainment value firmly in mind. The entertainment value will not be at the expense of any group of people. At all times we will display respect and empathy for the struggles intrinsic in running a business and leading a team. Our intention is to laugh together, and share insights into this crazy world we have created; and through laughter gain a better understanding of what it is to be human, and how to be a better leader.


Our products will inspire change.

True education inspires change. ‘To know and not to do is not to know.’ We aim to inspire and transform our audience by delivering insightful educational material in a unique and engaging manner. In this way we intend lasting change and dynamic growth in our participants. Our products will lead to greater awareness within the individual participants; greater awareness around their own behaviour and how they affect the world around them, thus building capacity to live a more conscious life.