Lesson 1 – Meet Jack The Dentist

Why Don’t People Listen?

Watch this video and I’ll meet you on the other side.

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How did it all go so wrong?

Jack is very annoying, isn’t he? The trouble is, this scenario is very common and causes all sorts of stress and chaos in thousands of businesses around the country.

The story-line put simply is as follows:

Jack is a Dentist specialising in fitting dentures. He has three staff working for him.

Jack steps into the main work area and gives verbal directions to Angela regarding Ted, a new patient. Angela is busy on the phone, when Jack comes in and she puts the phone on hold, but seems confused by Jack’s vague communication. She passes on the wrong information to the others and consequently Ted, gets given dentures that are way too small and make his gums bleed. Jack is furious and when he gets off the phone from an angry Ted, he storms into the main work area and confronts all three of his staff, berating them for not listening properly.

The video is deliberately funny, but the story of miscommunication is not so funny.

Situations like this cause enormous stress in thousands of workplaces around the world on a daily basis.

It is often the simple things we do wrong that cause the most stress – because they are often not picked up and therefore these mistakes are repeated over and over. The effects of constant poor communication can wear us down. Stress is costing business billions of dollars in lost productivity.  If simply improving our communication process can reduce some of that stress, we think it is worth giving it a go.

Before going to the next lesson, take a moment to reflect on the video you have just watched.

  1. Have you ever worked with someone like Jack?

  2. How did it impact the workplace?

  3. Have you ever been Jack?  Did this video highlight the problems caused through poor communication?

Now it’s time to move to the next lesson and find out how an experienced Business Coach would interpret this video.